Monday, January 5, 2015

Making College & Career Connections

My awesome co-counselor and I have been working on many program goals this school year. One of our goals is to raise College & Career Awareness across grade levels. We have several initiatives in motion to accomplish this goal including this awesome visual in our school's main hallway:
We gathered staff college data via a Google Form and used Publisher to create the signs to make a bar graph of sorts which was totally inspired by Pinterest. This visual is just one way we are trying to #ReachHigher and raise College & Career Awareness at our school. Other initiatives include classroom lessons in the career domain, Career Connections which is our guest speaker program that is similar to the ever so popular Career Cafe concept---without the hassle of food, College Connections PSAs which will be little blurbs on the morning announcements about college fun facts and staff college related facts like "favorite college memories", Career Tracker Program which is based off an awesome program we found on TpT, and our 5th grade students will complete college research and host a college fair for younger grades after state testing is complete later this spring. We did a Google Form pre-test with students in grades 3-5 to assess College & Career Awareness and I look forward to seeing the post-test results at the end of the school year.

I'd love to hear what others do to raise college and career awareness, please share your ideas in the comments section!

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