Monday, August 25, 2014

Get Creative with Canva

Have you discovered Canva? It's a website that allows you to design awesome posters and such for FREE. It's very user friendly and they have a variety of templates. This year my co-counselor and I used it to make some handy-dandy name plates for outside our doors since the only thing outside our door was a sign with the dreaded "G" word. Our administrators used it to design large signs with our school's behavior expectations that hang all around the school. And my most favorite use so far can be seen below. 
I used the custom template to make 5x7 quote pictures. I saved them as images and printed them at Target. I picked up a cheap collage frame at Ikea. Not too shabby for a less than $20 project. While these quotes are great conversation starters for students, they are also my personal motivation to get me through the RAMP process as well as reminders to continue to advocate for my program and profession despite any challenges I may face. 

How will you use Canva in your school counseling program?