Sunday, August 18, 2013

Move That Bus!

My school has a fantastic theme this school year based on the book The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon.  Check out the book here:  The Energy Bus for Kids.  It's all about positive energy and creating a positive vision for the future.  This school-wide theme fits right into our guidance standards that are centered around academic, personal/social, and career development.  To exemplify the concepts of the book all staff members were asked to decorate their doors with The Energy Bus theme.  Check out the door my new school counseling partner in crime and I made for our school counseling suite...

The book is based on 5 rules:
1. Create a positive vision.
2.  Fuel your ride with positive energy.
3.  No bullies allowed.
4.  Love your passengers.
5.  Enjoy the ride.

There is also an adult version of the book that was required reading for our teachers and staff.  The book is a great reminder to stay focused on creating a positive vision and to avoid negativity AKA Energy Vampires.  What a fantastic lesson for our students!  Check out lesson ideas on this website:  The Energy Bus for Kids Resources.  Is your school on The Energy Bus?  I'd love to hear how other schools are implementing the book's concepts.  

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