Thursday, July 12, 2012


If you don't hit up the Dollar Spot at your local Target regularly you are missing out.  They offer a variety of items for---you guessed it---one dollar!  OK, sometimes the prices go up to $2.50 but that's pretty reasonable as well.  I've found toys to use for play therapy, small figurines for my sand box, squishy stress balls, office decor, and more.  Most recently I came across sticky notes pads that read "HELLO, MY THOUGHT IS..." and MY thought was that they would be great to use as icebreakers when starting group sessions.  I can stick one on the table for each member and they can start writing down their thoughts as soon as they arrive for group.  I think my students will enjoy sharing what is on their mind when we begin groups as they often come in eager to share what's going on in their world.  I can also use group topic related prompts to help facilitate discussions.  I plan to use these sticky notes this coming school year.  What a great find!


  1. Where did you find such a great treasure?

  2. I found it in the Target Dollar Section.